elotecc – partner for industrial medium-sized businesses

Our credentials: we are specialists in the areas of purchasing, materials management and logistics, both here in Germany and internationally.

What we do: projects in purchasing, optimising procurement processes, supply chain management projects, outsourcing to Eastern Europe and interim management. We have also developed a production and trading business over many years which is closely aligned to our other services. For example, we have our own manufacturing company in the Czech Republic which is an important springboard in Eastern Europe for sourcing other reliable suppliers.

Our target group: medium-sized industrial businesses. As a result of our long-standing experience in working with medium-sized companies and international groups we have been able to help those companies improve both their strategic and operational capability.

To supplement the considerable talents offered by our own skilled people, we can also call on external specialists in other fields, such as marketing, finance, taxation and auditing. This way we ensure that in each individual project the right people do the right jobs.