Interim management – we are the experts

There are many reasons for needing an interim manager: staff sickness, maternity leave, gaps left by staff who have transferred or left the company, those on sabbaticals or study leave. Moreover, many companies are on the lookout for specialised, qualified employees with the skills to produce efficiency savings through re-evaluating the established ‘corporate mindset’ which may be an obstacle to success in some organisations.

Are you just looking for a short-term solution, say 2-3 months? Or are you looking for a more medium-term option, perhaps a strong implementation manager who can improve your operating structure to achieve significant savings? We would be glad to help you with your plans because we believe our extensive know-how and years of experience enable us to support you with the relevant expertise as interim managers in purchasing, materials management and logistics. We are people who can address your organisation’s specific needs. As external interim managers we stand out due to our willingness to tackle issues from the bottom up. We would not be tied into your existing hierarchy and can therefore work on multilayered topics more efficiently, taking the right decisions faster. Ours is an evidence-based, constructive and focussed approach.

Please do not hesitate to ask for testimonies on our performance from our many satisfied customers. Better still, why not pick up the phone, or come and speak to us in person to get a better idea of how we do business.