Eastern Europe – making use of elotecc’s connections

In most cases many Western European medium-sized businesses buy from within their own borders. If they do make purchases from abroad they usually prefer to use other countries in Western Europe. Consequently, and despite EU enlargement, trade with Eastern Europe still represents a small proportion overall. This is essentially down to frequently negative experiences with respect to quality, missed delivery deadlines and uncompetitive prices, as well as the relatively high level of support and ’hand holding’ required. Despite this, the lower wage costs and the relatively high level of education in many Eastern European countries, not to mention their geographical proximity, make them an attractive proposition.

We know the Eastern European procurement markets very well. We have introduced several Eastern European suppliers to Western European markets. Through our support most of our Eastern European partners have long-term productive relationships with customers in Western Europe.

We offer you the transfer of either complete production processes or just purchased parts to East European suppliers. Savings of between 10 and 25% are not unusual.

Talk to us! We will sit down with you and select the products and/or product areas where we feel our partners can help you achieve the best cost savings.